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The Sfera Labs Strato Pi Max DIN Industrial Rail Controller Is Built Around The Raspberry Pi CM4 Or Zymbit SCM Module

Sfera Labs recently released the Strato Pi Max, two new industrial controllers for the Pi Max DIN rail. Both have options for different RAM and eMMC flash configurations and can be offered with or without wireless connectivity.

The device also includes a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller that handles tasks such as power management and boot sequence control. It can also communicate with the CM4 module via I²C, USB and UART.

Strato Pi Max Industrial Controller Specifications

  • Base Module – Choice of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 or Zymbit SCM.
  • Microcontroller – Raspberry RP2040 dual ARM Cortex-M0+, 133 MHz.
  • Storage – eMMC, microSD (dual for XL), M.2 PCIe SSD.
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi, BLE, two Ethernet ports (GbE and 100MbE).
  • USB – Two USB 2.0 ports with power management and error detection.
  • Sensor – 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Cooling – Internal fan with configurable activation.
  • Clock – Real time clock with TCXO and battery backup.
  • Security – microchip ATECC608.
  • User interface – configurable LED lights, buttons, piezo buzzer.
  • Pi Max XS Expansion Capacity – 1 internal expansion slot for optional expansion board. Pi Max XL – 4x internal expansion slots for wider expansion options.
  • Pi Max XS – 1 internal expansion slot for an optional expansion board.
  • Pi Max XL – 4x internal expansion slots for wider expansion options.
  • Watchdog and Power Management – A hardware watchdog that can perform a full power cycle and manage the boot sequence for reliability.
  • Power – 10-50V DC with fuse and 3.3A fuse.
  • Installation – Housing with integrated DIN rail for easy integration into industrial environments. There are 6 pcs in the box of the XS model and 9 pcs of the XL model.
  • The main difference between the XS and XL modules is that the XL supports four additional expansion modules, while the XS is designed with core functionality in mind.

    Speaking of expansion modules, the company has released optional modules to enhance the functionality of the Strato Pi Max industrial controller. These devices include X2 series digital I/O modules, UPS, CAN, dual RS-485, RS-232 and RS-485, as well as Swissbit industrial SSDs.

    The controller includes a protected 10-50V DC power supply, internal cooling, a temperature sensor, an accurate real-time clock with backup, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a variable pitch buzzer. This isn’t the first Raspberry Pi CM4 based DIN rail controller we’ve covered, some models are also offered by companies like EDATEC and Techbase.

    The starting price of the Strato Pi Max is €959.00 ($1036) for the full-featured version, including the wireless module. For the Strato Pi Max XL, the base model with CM4 Wireless, 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC starts at €525.00 ($567), while the full-featured version starts at €1,085.00 ($1,172). Expansion boards range in price from €85.00 ($92) to €150.00 ($162). All of these items are currently available for back-order and will ship in June 2024. More information about this can be found on the product page or in the press release.


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